Tiffany's Album


2003 Summer Vacation


Almost two Years Tiffany is happy to stay in day care centre and try to speak out now. She say Hi to everyone she meet there and say byebye when she was pickup by her granddad after school.

2002 Summer Vacation

One to One and Half Years

The Eleventh and Twelfth Month Tiffany began her first step at her first christmas. She liked to showoff her new ability in every party we had. At the time of her first birthday, she walks very well. So, her favorate adventure is walking in the mall and taking the escalator. She is 19 lb and 14oz in weight, and 75.5cm in length.

The Ninth and Tenth Month Tiffany started to learn much quicker now. She is good at crawling, bye-bye, clapping hands, and walking with little support. Bath time is still her happiest time. She is 19 lb and 2oz in weight, and 72.5cm in length.

The Seventh and Eighth Month Tiffany's favorite exercise is walking. She can not wait to venture in the house with her little legs. Her happiest moment is to go to bath. After the clothes is taken off, our diaper baby runs in smiles from the room to the tub in bathroom. JJ also suffers severe skin rashes (eczema) in this time. We had to feed her with special formula. She was a real fighter and adapted to the new food quickly. Since she can eat only limited kind of food, we are happy to know she keeps on her growth lines at the 8 month checkup on 17th of Oct. She is 17 lb and 5 oz in weight, and 70.5cm in length.

The Sixth Month Tiffany can sit up now. In this month, she had her first hair cut, visited beaches, and met Mom's colleagues. She is 15 lb and 4 oz in weight and 66.5cm in size.

The Fifth Month Tiffany made her trip to the States and Quebec with the family. It is a wonderful victory for her. She behaved so good on the way to Boston, and we arrived much earlier than we expected. The other day, Tiffany met Bryan. They shade hand, even kissed with the help of the mothers. Bryan is such a good boy. JJ showed a lot of interests on him. She stared at him and kissed him with her mouth water. Though JJ did not behave like a lady, SS is surely a gentleman, and gained the love of everyone. Our rest of the trip are also wonderful. JJ loves to go out. She was attracted by pretty scenes and gardens, street shows, big churchs, guarded tours, gift shops, etc. The world keeps her busy and makes her forget all the reasons to cry. When she is too tired, she simply fell into sleep in her carrier.

The Fourth Month Tiffany started to go to little trips that are further away from home. We call them exercise trips (À­Á¶) for the big one that is coming in the next month. We also started to train her fall into sleep in the crib. She cried loud and very upset for the first couple of times. Grandma has to stay far away from sleepy JJ at these time. Eventually, she only cried shortly before sleep. Our short time goal is to make Tiffany behave better for her next month trip to meet Bryan (aunt Shumei's son). JJ is 13 lb and 1 oz, 64.5cm at the end of month four.

The Third Month This is a wonderful month for Tiffany. She became a truly good girl at the end of month three. (Well, when we compare with JJ at month two.) The change began with the switch from milk based formula to soy based formula. In just a few days, she could sleep better and deeper at day time. Tiffany made real progress in every thing: She played, smiled, cooed after feeding; She started to enjoy changing and bathing; She emptied her bottle quick and slept longer at night. You are a pretty angle for every body at home. JJ reached 11 lb and 14 oz, 60cm at the end of the third month.

The Second Month Tiffany went to shopping with mommy and daddy every weekend from this month. Although it was still very cold outside, JJ enjoyed the new world with crowd. But these little journeys often made her grandma nervous about her. Her first cooing happened in this month, and her favorite cooing partner is grandpa. Tiffany did not like milk based formula. The gas made her uncomfortable, particularly at day time. Mommy tried all kinds of bottles and nipples, but JJ still suffered with gas and skin rashes. She had to sleep in arms of grandma or mommy at day time. However, she was always a good girl at night. Tiffany was 10 lb and 8 oz, 57 cm at the end of the second month.

The First Month Tiffany was born at noon of 17th of February 2001, at Markham-Strouffville hospital, Ontario, Canada. Her birth weight is 7 lb and 2 oz, birth height is 20.5 inch. Her Chinese name is , nick name is Ѽ(JJ). JJ started to smile to herself in the first week, after she was satisfied with feeding. She added almost 2 lb to 9 lb at the end of the first month.